Mattress Care 101

February 26, 2020


We spend a third of our lives in bed — but use barely a fraction of that time in caring for our sleeping surfaces. As the days get longer, a good night’s rest is becoming even more important for making the most of the day. Keep these mattress care tips in mind for sleep that will leave you refreshed and ready to go.

Flip & Rotate Regularly

We all have our favorite side of the bed, but the other side needs a little attention, too. To evenly distribute the wear, flip your mattress over and rotate it from head to toe every couple of months.


Vacuum & Deodorize

Vacuums aren’t just for floors and couches. Even if you shower right before bed, dust and dead skin will inevitably accumulate. Prevent dust mites and odor every couple of months by sprinkling the mattress with baking soda, letting it absorb, and vacuuming.

Foundations Matter

Mattresses lose their structure over time, so rest them on a bed frame or box spring to keep them rigid. Invest in a mattress protector to shield your bed from spills, bed bugs, and dust mites. Bonus: inject personality in a room by adding a headboard.


Change The Bedding

Most of us spend just as much time in our beds as we do in a favorite pair of jeans. Change and wash your bedding at least every other week.

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