How to transition your closet for fall

Keeping your clothes on a seasonal rotation can help you fall back in love with what you already own, or make space for new stuff by getting rid of old stuff! Having an organized closet is a form of self-care that we can really get behind. While this article focuses on your clothes closet, you can go through the same seasonal audit for any closet or storage space in your home. 

Start With the Sort

It may seem daunting, but taking most of your pieces out and sorting them into categories can really give you a sense of what needs to go—and what needs to go into your rotation. 

Curate Your Pieces

Being intentional about your wardrobe can reduce the analysis paralysis of being unsure of what to wear. Depending on your profession, working from home may have you dressing like a party on top, and casual on the bottom. So if you haven’t already made your Monday-Friday wardrobe accessible and easy to choose from, now’s as a good time as any to optimize your grab-n-go get dressed routine in the morning!

Make piles to sort:

  • What you’re keeping and will put in seasonal storage
  • What you’re keeping and will put front and center in your closet
  • What you’re fixing (shoes to shine, buttons to sew, etc.)
  • What you’re tossing (items beyond repair)
  • What you’re donating (made easy by booking a Tasker)

If you’ve been doing some online shopping to update your fall wardrobe, consider donating one old item for every new item that you get. It’s a way to keep the impact on your closet space neutral while also giving back.

Is It Sweater Weather?

How to organize your clothes once they’re all sorted? 

🍂 If you live in an area where fall means cooler temperatures, that might mean upping your scarf game, filtering in more blazers, making sure your hoodies are easy to grab, and keeping your favorite boots front and center.

It’s especially helpful to keep in mind your coat closet or entryway storage system and which items you want to swap or store.

  • Is there anything in your clothes closet that could be switched out with items in your coat closet or coat rack by your front door? Consider not only jackets but bags, shoes, and other seasonal swaps.
  • Do you need additional hooks mounted for coats, reusable bags, and warm scarves? Storing the right stuff in the right places can take the stress out of accessing them when needed.

🌴 If your local climate takes a while to cool down, you’ll want to make sure you have easy access to transitional pieces and layering options, both for layering up and layering down. Take into account the unexpected too–from sudden rain to heat waves. 

Take Stock of Your Space

With everything out of your closet, you’ll have the opportunity to visualize what organizational upgrades you want to make. Assess:

  • Do you have enough hanging space for tops, sweaters, and jackets? 
  • Do you have enough or the right type of hangers? Or have you always used mismatched hangers and you’re ready for consistency?
  • Do you hang or fold more? Do you need to increase hanging space, or shelf space?
  • Is the default organization for your shoes tossing them into a pile so that you can never find matches? Do you have space for a shoe rack?
  • Do you have a dresser for socks, undergarments, and other smaller items? Are you interested in getting a dresser, or perhaps making use of some bins or baskets?
  • Do you maximize your under-bed storage space? This is where many people store their off-season items!
  • Do you have wall space where jewelry organizers, hooks for hats, knobs for bags, and other organization systems can be mounted
  • Do you need someone to run your decisions by? An un-biased Tasker can help you edit.

Every closet is unique, so measuring all of the dimensions will give you a sense of what you have to work with. Take measurements of your space so you’ll know what size bins, organizers, and racks to order.

Create a System That Works for You

Your piles are made, your closest is measured, your donations are ready to go. Now that your closet is more open and you’ve sifted through to remove clutter, you’ll have more space or separate storage options. Looking for inspiration? Check out IKEA’s many storage solutions!

Consider simple options like:

  • Shoe racks or clear storage containers
  • Decorative but functional baskets for socks and undergarments
  • Wall hooks and knobs for jewelry, hats, belts
  • Over door hooks for scarves, bags, long cardigans
  • Adjustable tension rods to expand hanging space, at various heights

Ready to take on this project? Taskers who specialize in closet organization can help you tailor your space to your unique needs. Book help.