How to Make a Perfect Budget-Friendly Gallery Wall

August 14, 2019


You’ve furnished the living room, perfected your bedroom layout, and put everything in its place in the kitchen… but your walls are bare. Not to mention, you don’t have any artwork to hang up. Thankfully, there’s a way to decorate without breaking the bank. We’ve collected some ideas for the perfect budget-friendly gallery wall.


Thrift stores are mines of hidden treasure. Chances are you’ll unearth picture frames and beautiful artwork well within your budget. You don’t have to limit yourself to only one section, either — clothing and fabric can be repurposed as art pieces.



They’re versatile, non-imposing, and most importantly, inexpensive. From newspaper or magazine clippings to polaroids to maps, you can hang virtually anything (as long as it’s not too heavy).

Credit: lids_harper


Who says a gallery wall has to be flat? Make use of rocks, twigs, or leaves to create a nature-inspired mobile. You can also make your own art by pressing flowers and leaves from your backyard. If you have decorative plates, show them off by displaying them on the wall. And if those aren’t your style, consider patterned baskets — they’ll add a touch of boho to your room.

Credit: nudeandthenovice


If you’ve got a collection of hats sitting around, this is your chance to display them. Depending on your closet, straw and floppy hats can give a bohemian look whereas darker and muted hats have a more chic vibe. If you’re more of a scarf and shawl person, you can hang them to create an array of colors or drape them across the wall.

Credit: kimberlynovosel

Feeling inspired? Create the gallery wall of your dreams with the help of a Tasker!