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How to Host a Virtual Watch Party


For many people during the pandemic, watching sports has been a mental and emotional outlet. Conveniently, it’s actually “normal” to stay home to watch football’s biggest game of the year! But the current limits on social gatherings doesn’t mean you can’t still take in the action with your crew. We’ve put together some tips on throwing a virtual watch party.

Here’s how to get ready for kick-off:

  • Send an e-invitation to set the party mood. Lean into football or team themes with the template you choose.
  • Make your lighting game strong. Consider what time of day it will be while you’re watching. You could brighten the room to give off a party vibe, or you keep your lights dim for a theatrical setting.
  • Organize virtual pools/brackets/games. If you’re more interested in the hoopla than the actual game, create or download a scoring sheet to rate the best commercials. Circulate this sheet with your guests beforehand.
  • If you don’t already have your TV mounted on the wall, now’s the time!
  • Plan a festive atmosphere in your own space to get your virtual guests in a party mood. Think decorations with the team’s colors and football shaped balloons that your guests will be able to see in your background. If your guests are limited to just a couple of nearby households, consider delivering them props.

Book a Tasker for help.

  • Order your own snacks. Consider a themed menu depending on which cities are represented by the teams.
  • Set up a white board to make the virtual event interactive. (This will also make for excellent live social media content.) 
  • Arrange furniture in the room where you’ll be watching for optimal viewing. If you have small children who may not appreciate your focus on the game, make sure they have an area where they can feel included and play (without distracting you too much). 
  • Set up your video call equipment and troubleshoot. Situate the camera so your guests see you and not the game (since they will be watching from their own homes). 
  • Represent your team of choice by wearing their jersey (regardless of if they’re playing this year).
  • If your fellow game watchers are local, have a bake off and get a Tasker to contactlessly deliver samples to everyone. Make sure the winner gets recognition!
  • Sing along/dance/stretch during the halftime show (and remember that muting yourself and/or others is an option).
  • Consider offering a prize/s for whoever predicts the final two teams and plan on getting it delivered to the winner/s.

Book a Tasker for help.

  • Too party pooped to clean up your virtual watch party? Get help

Just because your party is virtual doesn’t mean you have to tackle these party planning tasks alone. Put a Tasker in your starting lineup. Book now.