Crafty Eggs for an Easter Indoors

April 10, 2020

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If you’re stuck on things to do over Easter and the cabin fever is starting to kick in, try brightening up your home with some easy crafts. From designing eggs to building an Easter tree these crafts are family-friendly and a fun source of entertainment.

How To Make Blown Out Eggs

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  1. Poke a small hole into the egg lengthways on either side. One hole should be about a quarter of an inch in diameter and the other slightly smaller.  To do this use a thick sharp sewing needle and gently push through the shell with light force to avoid making any cracks. Whilst you’re doing this, break the yoke with the needle. This will help the egg to come out more easily. The hole should be about a quarter of an inch in diameter 
  2. Hold the egg over a bowl and gently blow into the smaller hole to push the contents out of the shell. You need to blow hard enough for the egg to come out, but not too hard that you break the shell.
  3. Wash the inside of the egg out to prevent mold and bacteria from forming. Do this by filling a bowl full of warm soapy water and submerging the shell, giving it a shake. Leave the shell for 5 minutes before rinsing out and leaving to air dry. 

Egg Decorating

Now your eggs are ready to decorate. Here are a few decorating ideas you can try out.

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Carrot Eggs: Make cute veggies out of your eggs by using dye and crepe paper. For a carrot, dye the egg orange and use a permanent marker to add fine lines and mimic the texture of a natural carrot. Next, cut two 3” strips of green crepe or tissue paper. Twist them together at one end and glue to the top of the egg.

Flower Eggs: Bring the outside inside and experiment with adding dried pressed flowers and buds. Seal them off with clear glue to keep them in place.

Marble Eggs: Create a marble effect by adding a tablespoon of vegetable oil (or something similar) to your dye, stirring to separate the oil bubbles. Roll your egg in the bowl then pat off any excess dye with a paper towel and leave to dry. Once dry, wipe off any residue. No dye, no problem. You can also swirl nail polish into a bowl of water and achieve the same results.

Glitter Eggs: Sprinkle your egg with iridescent glitter for a sugary sweet touch. Cover one half of the painted egg with glue, sprinkle with glitter and leave to dry before repeating on the other side.  

Cactus Eggs: Turn your egg into a mini cactus. First dye your egg green. Next add little vertical lines of crosses in permanent marker to make the spikes. Lastly, add glue and a tuft of pink crepe paper on the top for the flower.

Building Your Easter Tree

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Once your eggs are dressed up and ready to shine, it’s time to make your Easter tree. 

  1. Collect a few blossom branches from your garden and arrange them in a large vase. You can use cherry blossom, dogwood, magnolia, pussy willow or any other blossom available as long as the sticks are sturdy enough. 
  2. Hang your eggs using string or ribbon and arrange as you like. 

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