Back to school, at home

August 7, 2020


With schools and parents everywhere figuring out how they’ll achieve distanced teaching and learning this year, one thing is certain: it will look different than ever before. And absolutely no one is an expert at it. As weird and stressful as the year has been so far for parents, it may be even more stressful for kids and teens as they get ready for the school year. So it’s extra important to help them feel like going into 2nd grade or freshman year *is* exciting, even if it’s not the same as going in person right now. 

As with everything when it comes to kids, it takes a village–and you can consider TaskRabbit a part of that village. With the back to school season upon us, we’ve put together a survival guide that can hopefully help parents and kids alike feel prepared for this new adventure. 

Home Room

Kids can really benefit from having their own dedicated spaces to learn and dream big. Whether it involves reorganizing their bedroom, transforming the kitchen table, or changing up your shared living space, it’s possible no matter your square footage. 

To get ready for distance learning, consider investing in a desk or floor lamp so your kid/s can see and be seen clearly by their teacher and classmates over video. You can also use video classes as an incentive to help them keep things tidy. For elementary school kids especially, clean-up is important for transitioning from one activity to the next. 

For shared living spaces, think about booking an Organization task to categorize shelves, pick up bins or baskets, and help give your child their own area. Laptop sleeves, separate bins for art supplies, and a dedicated shelf for school books are all simple, low-cost ways to stay organized. To give teens and tweens versatile desk space (and some autonomy), consider a tray table that they can take throughout your home. 

Helping kids keep their study areas orderly and tidy is a much bigger challenge when it’s a 24/7 challenge–and we salute you for stepping up to it! 


Lunch Time

TaskRabbit can totally save the day at lunch time–whether you book a Tasker to grocery shop, grab take-out, or even come and cook a week’s worth of lunches for you to store in the fridge, make it easier on yourself when you can. You deserve a break too! 


Sitting at the dining table or in front of a laptop is something we all have to offset—with rest, movement, and play! During the pandemic, Taskers have assembled equipment like trampolines and  swing sets for kids to release some energy and get some exercise. If you don’t have the space, making time for a few walks during the day is healthy for kids and parents alike. Or, if you’re staying in, learning new yoga poses together doesn’t take up much space. It’s Yoga Kids® has great resources and easy activities, designed for kids of all ages. 

Another approach to recess that is probably not offered in most curricula is mindfulness. There’s no getting around it: the pandemic has had a ripple effect on all of our stress levels. It’s incredibly important for our kids to feel there is a way forward. We love the tips and ideas from the experts at the Child Mind Institute, who give easy activities that you and your children can do to both bond and find a bit of calm in your everyday life.


Art Class

Plants and wall art bring imaginative elements into your kids’ space. If your littles are elementary school age and don’t yet have a pet, plants can also be a low-maintenance training option for them to learn care and responsibility. You can start with a spending limit, then let them put their dream space together on a platform like Pinterest. Plus, there’s plenty of fun to be had when you chip in with your own ideas (or boards!). It’s an easy, free way to collaborate and bond over the home you’re spending so much more time together in these days. There are Taskers who will offer virtual Interior Design services that could be fun for your tween or teen to reinvent themselves, and do a big reveal on a social Zoom call in the absence of having a sleepover. Our own Pinterest page has a lot of inspiration!

Extra Credit

Kids go through clothes and shoes almost as fast as they go through applesauce, pencils, and cellphone data. If you have a tradition where you go back to school shopping with the kiddos, you can still do it online–or get a Tasker to make the rounds at various stores. Consider pulling out what doesn’t fit anymore or items you know your tween is so over. It’s easy to book a Donation Drop-Off task so that kids in need get new gear too. 

We hope these ideas can help as you brace yourself for whatever approach your kids’ school is taking to distanced learning. Need an extra set of hands? TaskRabbit is here to help.