3 Common Winter Tasks for Your Home

New homeowner? Here are three winter tasks you may need to get done.

Snow Removal

In cold climates, snow is something you can count on every winter. Thankfully, a Tasker can take care of clearing your property of snow for you! All around your property–anywhere pedestrians walk and cars park–is where you can expect you’ll need snow shoveling. 

Areas where snow needs to be shoveled include:

  • Driveway
  • Front and side paths
  • Stairs
  • Patio/deck
  • Sidewalk

Coupled with this task is chipping ice from the driveway, removing icicles from the gutters, and sidewalk salting. Mention if you have your own supplies or if you need the Tasker to bring them (i.e. snow blower, snow shovels, salt, ladder, etc.)

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Winterizing Your Home

Winterizing your home is one way to achieve energy efficiency. You don’t want drafty windows letting in cool air and letting out heated air! On that note, if you’re considering upgrading any of your appliances, you can also hire a Tasker for Smart Home Installation.

Common winterization tasks include:

  • Installing storm windows
  • Installing storm doors
  • Covering deck furniture or moving it inside
  • Caulking, weather stripping, and sealing windows to prevent drafts
  • Removing air conditioners and putting them in storage
  • Winterizing sprinkler system
  • Ice dam removal from roof
  • Winter pool maintenance 
  • Pipe insulation

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Winter Yard Work & Removal

No matter what climate you’re in, your outdoor space needs some seasonal love. It’s best to get a jump on Yard Work tasks early in the season. 

Grooming your outdoor space may include:

  • Removing debris from the gutter
  • Patching holes in the gutter
  • Weeding
  • Hauling away dead leaves
  • Pruning and trimming 
  • Mulching and planting for spring
  • Covering plants 

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As the weather turns and you discover things inside and outside the house that you need help with, we’re here for you! 

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