10 Ways to Welcome Spring into your Home

April 2, 2018

The flowers are blooming. The trees are budding. The birds are singing. The days are getting longer and the sun a little brighter. Spring is in the air and it’s time to let your home know. With the help of a Tasker, getting ready for spring with these simple steps has never been easier.

Here’s some more steps to make sure your home is Spring-Ready! Book a Tasker today to finish this checklist.

Hello Sunshine

Welcome sunshine into your home with a  scrub down of all your windows, washing away all the remnants of winter. Swap out your window treatment for lighter colors so the sun can light up your home.

Get your Outdoor Space Ready for Outdoor Living

Clean your patio furniture with warm, soapy water and leave it in the sun to dry. Refresh your decor outside to make your outdoor space an extension of your home. Use throw pillows, candles, lanterns, and blankets to cozy up the outdoors.

Bring the Outdoors In

Treat yourself to some fresh new spring blooms. Bring the blooming spring plants inside. Whether it’s a giant potted plant or forced bulbs, plants will refresh the air – and your decor.

Start Fresh

The annual task of deep cleaning your home is overwhelming. Book a Tasker to help organize and refresh your home effortlessly.

Tidy the Entry

Put away any lingering winter gear to declutter the space. If your entry doesn’t already have storage, add a few hooks, a rack for shoes and a basket to keep your entryway organized.

Spruce up your Walls

Change up your paint colors to bring the colors of spring inside. Use pastels or bolder statement-worthy shades of spring colors to bring the lush outdoors in.

Put up Images that Inspire You

Art that depicts the outdoors is a great way to get ready for spring. Bring the landscapes of spring and summer into your home to brighten your walls and reinvigorate your spirit.

Make your Kitchen Counter a Place of Peace

A cluttered counter is the antithesis of spring cleaning. Clear the decks and start fresh by removing everything from your counter. Put away anything that has a home elsewhere, and then selectively put back the items you use daily or find beautiful. A clutter free counter = a renewed peace of mind.

Revive your Outdoor Space

Get ready to spend your days outside. Whether you have a patio, balcony, or an overgrown lawn, now is the time to get it cleaned up and ready to be enjoyed.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Organizing gives you and your home a new outlook. Spring is about breaking out from the hibernation of winter and readying yourself for sunny days. By getting organized, you know what you need and what you don’t.