Charles S.

help me select mail-order Xmas presents for my parents

Mon. Dec 19, 12:00 PM for Charles S.



I need some quick suggestions as to Christmas presents for my parents. Both are in their 70's. I need a mail-order gift in the range of $75-100 each. The gifts must be able to reach San Francisco by Saturday, December 24 (father) and New Orleans by Saturday, December 24 (mother). I can select different gifts for each parent. My father is a retired college professor and is interested in Christopher Columbus, San Fransciso history, poetry and a slew of other things. My mother is equally highly literate and is interested in politics and financial-related matters. The gift can be a "thing," something to eat, or something to do. I am open to anything. Please help! I would like to select a Task Rabbit pronto and implement their suggestion(s) today or tomorrow. Please note I need you to provide only ideas and websites/phone numbers. I will handle the back end. Thanks!