Complete three 5-minute website user tests on

Fri. Jan 6, 4:32 PM for YouEye



YouEye is a user testing service for websites. We provide our customers with videos of rabbits completing tasks on select websites. During a test, a rabbit’s screen, microphone, and webcam are recorded.

- A webcam & microphone (internal laptop webcam/mic will work just fine)
- A computer with OS X 10.5 or higher OR Windows 7
- Adobe Flash 10.3+ (Check your version )
- Java 1.6+ (Check your version here )

- Please watch this sample test result
- Please take this sample user test BEFORE bidding.

The private details portion of this task will include a link to the user tests. Click the links and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the test.

Our clients may wish for you to test a website that requires signing up with an email address or utilizing a Facebook/Twitter account. If you do not wish to use your personal accounts for these tasks, please create “fake” secondary accounts and use those instead.