Reviews for Dwight D.

  • Serena R.

    Review for Purchase and Install Air Conditioner in my apartme...

    Dwight was an amazing Task Rabbit. He was prompt an completed the task exceptionally well, plus he was fun to work with. I would highly recommend using him to any of my friends.

    Saturday, Jun 29 2013

  • Hilary F.

    Review for Virtual Task - Craigslist Help

    Dwight's task proved to be much, much, much more than I thought it was going to be and therefore, it was much more than he had signed up for. He was completely professional and thorough thru and thru and I really appreciated the work that was done.

    Wednesday, Mar 27 2013

  • Krystle M.

    Review for Give keys to guest renting my apt from airbnb

    Very flexible, great experience!

    Wednesday, Mar 14 2012

  • Robert M.

    Review for Pickup/Drop-Off

    Great! A little longer to get started than I'd originally expected, but quick delivery, good guy.

    Monday, Mar 5 2012

  • Matthew B.

    Review for enter business cards in to on-line data base

    Dwight's attention to detail and tenacity were both very much appreciated.

    Thursday, Feb 9 2012

  • Matthew B.

    Review for Expense report

    Dwight's attention to detail was very much appreciated.

    Thursday, Feb 9 2012

  • Stuart C.

    Review for Printer Setup

    Dwight was beyond awesome. He was very careful, patient, and even went to Best Buy to get some supplies I didn't have. Great guy to have help and enjoyed his company. Fantastic attitude.

    Wednesday, Jan 25 2012

  • StoryDesk

    Review for Office Help

    dwight is a rockstar. 'nough said.

    Wednesday, Jan 18 2012

  • Stasia R.

    Review for Virtual Assistance- Design a Save the Date in Emai...

    Really went above and beyond to get it done. Thank you

    Monday, Jan 9 2012

  • Susan L.

    Review for Office Help

    Dwight was very friendly. He was very thorough in checking everything while he performed the task. I would highly recommend him.

    Saturday, Jan 7 2012