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House Cleaning Task

  1. House Cleaning

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Add another location

Gray_lock Full addresses shared only with the assigned TaskRabbit

Auto-assign the first TaskRabbit to accept the TaskPrice

The quickest way to get stuff done: We'll automatically assign the first TaskRabbit to accept the TaskPrice. No bidding, no hassle.

Let me review

You'll be able to review every TaskRabbit who offers to do your Task. Accept the offer you like, or Decline those you don't.

Let me give dibs

The TaskRabbit you choose will have a period of exclusivity where only he or she can be assigned. If your chosen TaskRabbit does not respond, the exclusivity is lifted and it's up for grabs. You will be able to accept or decline offers from other TaskRabbits.

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Private Notes

Use private notes for sensitive info. Private notes will be shared only with the assigned TaskRabbit.


The most you would pay for the task to be completed. Task may be done for less.

Does not include expenses such as cost of groceries for a grocery pickup.

Gray_lock You can still accept offers over your TaskPrice.

When setting your TaskPrice, think of:

  • Effort by the TaskRabbit
  • Skills needed
  • Time required
  • Distance travelled
Private Tasks

Your Task will be visible only to TaskRabbits.