TaskRabbit For Good

Our commitment to giving back & making a difference.

We created TaskRabbit For Good (TR4G) with the goal of standing for something bigger than ourselves by empowering individuals & teams to grow stronger as a community. Making the world a better place is about human connectedness and through this initiative we’re connecting Taskers with local non-profits to work jointly to drive change and make an impact on the world around us.

With over 60,000 Taskers in our community, TR4G is committed to supporting programs that support job creation and prevent and end homelessness, but will also support the non-profit initiatives of Taskers, providing volunteer opportunities that incorporate the act of giving into the purpose and values of the company.

Taskers are eager to help their communities.

I love this idea and it would help me manage both work and volunteerism.

They're highly active members of the community.

I quit my long-time day job and started tasking to open up more opportunities in community service. Happy to see a way to do so through TaskRabbit!

For inquiries please contact tr4g@taskrabbit.com