Christopher B.

Bricklaying under fence

Sat. Dec 17, 10:00 PM for Christopher B.



I need to complete installation of some bricks under a chainlink fence so it is easier to sweep and rake and shovel snow there. I have the bricks, digging tools, and sand. The dirt under the fence needs to be removed. The grass gets shaken out and put in the yard waste pickup barrel and the dirt goes in another barrel. The bricks need to be put in, levelled, and surrounded with sand, including some spots where there is concrete in the way. There are three (CORRECTION: four) lengths of fence remaining. I expect this will take 1-2 days depending on skill level. Can be done any time the weather is warm enough to work comfortably, but I'm hoping to get this done before the snow starts. This is near Davis Square, an easy walk from the T, with parking available.