Ness Computing

Painting/stenciling phrases and lettering on a wall

Fri. Oct 28, 7:00 PM for Ness Computing



Our company wants to paint/stencil Dieter Rams's 10 principles of good design on to an interior wall. The work is modeled after the Dieter Rams exhibit presently on display at the SF MOMA. The stenciling must be done in Helvetica Neue Bold font and should be grey in coloring for the phrases and red for the numbers (please see attached example). The work should be a replica of SF MOMA example (principle #10 of good design). I've attached another pic to list all 10 principles.

The wall is 9' tall by 12' wide (total width 15' wide including the area behind the open door, but we would prefer not to use this space.) This is a wall in an enclosed office in a building with central air and windows that do not open, so spray paint is definitely out and low-fume paints are a must.The length of time required to complete the task is secondary to the quality of the finished work. The wall will be primed in preparation for your work.

Please submit a sample of your work.