John M.

Moving several furniture pieces to my new office

Sun. Jul 31, 6:00 PM for John M.



This task will take place in San Francisco between the neighborhoods of Noe Valley, the Mission, North Panhandle, and Pac Heights/Japantown. The helper would need to come for pick up in the area of Duboce and Market Streets. He/she will be dropped off at the same location.

I'm moving into a new office and need some help with moving items. I will be getting a pick up truck. The help i need will include:
- Coming with me to 3 different locations to pick up items such as a printer, desk chair, desk, file cabinet, boxes of books, rolled up area rug, bookcase, plants, etc.
- Depositing these items at the new location
- The task will require lifting some heavier objects with at least one other person's help.
- It may also involve using a hand truck to move objects.
- One of the locations has a flight of stairs, the others all have elevators or are on the ground floor.
- I anticipate needing your help for about 4 hours + or -