Lainne Kern V.

Looking for a handyman to fix a few things in our familes studio

Thu. Jul 28, 1:00 AM for Lainne Kern V.



My husband, daughter and I are temporarily staying in our family' in town stuido in San Francisco and our toddler has broken a few things that we want fixed. The bathroom vanity in the bathroom she pulled the door a bit far and the hinge broke so we need a solution for that. The toilet seat hinge on one side is not working so when sitting on Even if the parts you find don't match exactly, if is a solution to get things working again, tha twill be fine. You will have to tak a look at everything and probably figure out what to get to fix them. Additrionaly, we have all the paoint for the studio which includes one color for the main walls, and one color for the bathroonm. There needs to be some slight touching u pof