David M.

Evaluate cleanliness of Noisebridge and update a wiki page with your findings

Wed. Nov 30, 8:00 PM for David M.



Noisebridge is a hacker space and community center at 2169 Mission Street. Recently we've had disagreement about how well several different cleaning initiatives work. This task is to help measure the cleanliness of the Noisebridge space. You don't need to do any cleaning -- in fact it's best if you do not clean anything so we can fairly evaluate the cleaners currently under way.

1) Go to Noisebridge, at 2169 Mission Street in San Francisco (near 21st). Directions are here

The exact time you go is up to you, as long as it's done before the stated end point of the task (Wednesday 30 November 5pm). There are other scheduled events at the space, if you want you may want to do this task on your way to one of those events.

2) Take pictures of the space that give a fair impression of the overall cleanliness of the space. Please include the bathrooms, the classroom areas, and the main common area.

3) Update the wiki page here
with the pictures, the time and date of visit, your name or appropriate pseudonym, and a short text description of your impression of the cleanliness of the space. This is the first time running this Task, so the format is completely up to you.

That's it. Total estimated time for the task is an hour, possibly less. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.