Catherine S.

Cook dinners to freeze

Mon. Feb 20, 10:00 PM for Catherine S.



I'm looking for someone to prepare the following 3 recipes for us, portioned out into freezable containers (Ziplocs are okay). I'd like each recipe made in full and, once cooked, divided in two for the purposes of freezing so that we end up with a total of 6 freezable packages (e.g. two of the rice, two chili, two pasta bolognese). I prefer that you prepare these in your kitchen and deliver to me, but I'm open to you cooking in my kitchen, providing you clean up before you leave. (In the latter case, you would not have to stay until the end of the cooking time for the pasta sauce and chili verde since they both need to cook for several hours).

The recipes are:
1. Wild rice casserole:
2. Chili verde:
3. Pasta bolognese (sauce only; no pasta):

This task includes shopping for ingredients, cooking, portioning into freezer-safe containers and delivery.