June L.

Clean my apartment between Airbnb guests on May 24 or 25

Thu. May 26, 3:00 AM for June L.



I have guests leaving on May 23 and another guest arriving on May 26, so I need someone to clean my apartment between those times. I will give you my keys before this Thursday, and you can come to my apartment any time on May 24 or 25.

There will probably not be that many things you will have to do because Airbnb guests are pretty respectful and clean up after themselves. The following are things that I think you'll probably need to do:

- Vacuum the floors
- Swiffer the floors
- Wipe the countertops and table tops
- Wash the sheets and towels you see (there is a washing machine in my building right outside of my apartment that takes quarters - about $5 total).
- Tidy various things that might have gotten out of place