Willy J.

Can I borrow your Nikon SB-600, SB-700, SB-800 OR SB-900 for one night?

Mon. Nov 14, 7:00 PM for Willy J.



Hello Taskrabbit land! I need this favor like you wouldn't believe. My Nikon speedflash just failed on me and I have a conference to shoot tomorrow night (Monday, November 14th) down in Palo Alto. All I need is to use it for around 2 hours. You can drop it off to me or I can pick it up. Also, I am willing to bring it back to you the same night if you would like. This would mean the world to me. THANKS!

Nikon SB-600
Nikon SB-700
Nikon SB-800
Nikon SB-900