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Available to do tasks in: SF Bay Area

Does Tasks: Car, Truck, Virtual

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Kenny L.
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About Kenny L.


The current me in 3 words: friendly, dependable, efficient

I'm originally from Texas and lived there for 24 years before moving to California. An alum of The University of Texas at Austin, I have a business degree in Finance and worked in Dallas for a management consulting firm (the Boston Consulting Group) immediately after graduation. I then moved out to the Bay Area in late 2007 for a job with Yahoo!'s Corporate Strategy group, and I lived in San Francisco until the fall of 2011, when I moved to Los Angeles to attend the UCLA Anderson School of Management to pursue my MBA. I'm back in SF now and loving it!

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, going to concerts, and playing in a local sports leagues. I also help run an SF-based sport & social league called Sunday Recess and serve as a board member for a number of non-profit groups and student clubs. To maintain my active lifestyle, I keep myself very organized and task-oriented, thus making me a perfect fit to be a TaskRabbit Runner.

Me in TaskRabbit Media:

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I can also be seen in random photos on the TaskRabbit website... yep, that's me.

My Skills & Experience:

Transportation & Delivery

I drive a Lexus RX330 SUV (equipped with an accurate GPS), so I can haul pretty much anything to recycle, dump or donate (electronics, clothing, cardboard, etc.) I also specialize in on-time deliveries and late-night deliveries since I'm a night owl. Rides to/from places are very comfortable as well.

Professional/Office: Research, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint and Resume Editing

As a consultant and strategy analyst, my job was to consolidate information, analyze it, and present it in an easy-to-consume format. My professional experience (2 yrs at BCG, 4 yrs with Yahoo! & currently at Zynga) have trained me well and prepared me for any sort of task that requires these skills. I have also done a ton of resume review & cover letter writing, both for TaskRabbit and for friends in my personal life. I'll make your resume look great! See images below for a sample of my personal resume.

Virtual Assistance

As a techie, both in my professional and personal lives, I am on the computer nearly every hour of the day. Thus, I get things done quickly and efficiently online. In addition, I work well communicating with people by phone. I have experience doing a variety of virtual tasks, including selling items on craigslist (I post weekly), Amazon and eBay (I have a feedback rating of ~700, username: kadiation).

Event Planning

I serve on multiple non-profit boards, including my alumni organization and my undergraduate business program's advisory board. At the UCLA Anderson School of Management, I was responsible for organizing a number of events each year. Because of this, I do a lot of event-planning and trip-planning for large groups of people.