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Emily G.
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About Emily G.

Hello! I moved to Los Angeles from New York last August. After graduating from university in May, I made the move across the country to pursue a career in acting. I've been working as a tutor part time, but I'm joining TaskRabbit to make a little extra money.

I'm very reliable and personable. I'm easy-going and responsible. I'm incredibly organized. My mind is equally analytical and creative.

I'm great with kids. I worked at summer camps in high school and now I work with kids as a tutor. I also love animals and am great with pets. Especially cats.

Writing: I have edited two published books and co-authored another. All of those books were biographies, but I also write a lot on my own in play, novel, and screenplay formats.

I have experience organizing events and fundraisers. I can provide a reference for this if asked.

In high school, I worked behind the scenes in theater. As a result, I have a lot of practical skills like using tools and building things. I'm also stronger than I look and have lots of big strong friends who could help me with heavier tasks.

My car has an excellent safety rating (2011 Toyota Yaris) and my driving record is completely clean.

If you have any more questions about me, feel free to ask!