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  • Madoka S.
    Level 24 TaskRabbit

    Madoka S.

    Member of the TaskRabbit Elite Konnichiwa! I've been a PDX TaskRabbit since December 2011. I love being a TaskRabbit and I'm super excited to help you. My husband and I… more

    Top Task Types: House Cleaning, Usability Testing, Computer Engineering, Computer Help, and House Chores

  • Dalia R.
    Level 17 TaskRabbit

    Dalia R.

    MORE TIME FOR YOU. I'll clean your house, organize your stuff, recreate beautiful spaces from your existing things and run errands. I am calm, fast and detailed. I have an… more

    Top Task Types: House Chores, House Cleaning, Delivery, Marketing, and Packing

  • Jill T.
    Level 15 TaskRabbit

    Jill T.

    Top Task Types: House Cleaning, Research, Selling, Delivery, and Organization

  • Paige H.
    Level 15 TaskRabbit

    Paige H.

    Hello--I am so looking forward to helping you with your tasks and getting them completed fast, safe, affordably, and effectively. I am friendly, positive, and outgoing. I can cook the… more

    Top Task Types: House Chores, Laundry, Delivery, House Cleaning, and Grocery Delivery

  • Charles David M.
    Level 12 TaskRabbit

    Charles David M.

    Hi. I'm David, and I'm excited about being a TaskRabbit. I have experience with successfully assembling a wide range of products. When I see a big box with a bunch of pieces,… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Computer Help, Shopping, Usability Testing, and Research

  • Bronwen W.
    Level 12 TaskRabbit

    Bronwen W.

    I'm currently a stay at home mom looking to pick up some tasks. I have a legal and nonprofit background (I have worked as an attorney and a policy analyst) and am very skilled at… more

    Top Task Types: Shopping, House Cleaning, Yard Work, Delivery, and Laundry

  • Dustin S.
    Level 12 TaskRabbit

    Dustin S.

    Hey Taskrabbit, I'm a grad student and teaching assistant at Portland State University looking for some, er, tasks on the side. I spent four years in workforce and economic… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Shopping, Moving & Packing, Website Design, and Writing

  • Jessie D.
    Level 12 TaskRabbit

    Jessie D.

    I'm a mid-twenties professional cellist looking to help out around the Portland community while earning a few extra bucks! I'm great with all kinds of people and tasks. … more

    Top Task Types: House Chores, House Cleaning, Laundry, IKEA Assembly, and Delivery

  • Lara B.
    Level 12 TaskRabbit

    Lara B.

    Military brat who has lived across the US and overseas. Avid volunteer for animal welfare, women's health, under-served populations and more. Why sit around being bored when you… more

    Top Task Types: Writing, Research, Computer Help, Data Entry, and Administrative

  • Sita W.
    Level 11 TaskRabbit

    Sita W.

    Hello! My name is Sita, although I majored in Health Sciences, I have a lengthy set of experiences. I would love to help you out in any of these areas: Editing tasks- I work as a… more

    Top Task Types: House Cleaning, Organization, Moving & Packing, Research, and Usability Testing