Jim D.

Shopping at Shop for and deliver wine and beer for Xmas gift

Sat. Dec 24, 5:00 PM for Jim D.



We will need to discuss if possible as I am looking for an assortment of high end wines and beers to picked and purchased at Belmont Station (4500 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97215) and be delivered as a gift sometime tomorrow. I would like to spend about $150 - $175 on the beer and wine and pay $35 for your trouble.

This is my first time using taskrabbit, if we do not get a chance to talk I would like to have $75 in high end Ales and IPA's and about $75 in Wines to include at least 1 Rioja if available. Not exactly sure how I handle paying you back. Maybe taskrabbit handles all of this.

Finally I just need to you to say to Scott when you deliver, "Merry Christmas from Jim in Milwaukee. Thanks for the help with MacNeil."