Rachel C.

Packing supplies pickup (cardboard, etc)

Fri. Jan 27, 9:00 PM for Rachel C.



We just finished a big office move and have a lot of extra packing supplies that we need to get rid of. Please come by the office, pick up the supplies, and bring them to a garbage/recycling center. Feel free to keep anything you can find a use for. Here is a list of the supplies:

- 6 large bags of Styrofoam
- 2 bags of misc garbage (plastic, bubblewrap)
- 1 garbage container full of large paper (used to line floors while we painted)
- A large amount of very long pieces of cardboard - cardboard is 2.25 feet wide, 6 feet tall. If all of the pieces were laying against each other, I'd estimate that the pile would be about 8 feet thick.

There shouldn't be a fee at the center to recycle the cardboard. If there is a fee for the styrofoam, we can reimburse you through taskrabbit.

You can pull into Minna street for loading and use our freight elevator. Let us know if you'd like help loading the items into your vehicle or if you can do it yourself. We'll take this into account this when considering your bid amount.