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  • Jared C.
    Level 28 TaskRabbit

    Jared C.

    I'm constantly on the fly around the city, writing for http://www.eattheworldnyc.com, and making quick work of your pickup and delivery or shopping needs seems only like a natural… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Moving & Packing, Shopping, Event Help, and Courier

  • Otto D.
    Level 27 TaskRabbit

    Otto D.

    Here to provide you with the best quick service in the area selected.

    Top Task Types: Moving & Packing, Delivery, House Cleaning, House Chores, and Handyman

  • Du H.
    Level 27 TaskRabbit

    Du H.

    Hi, my name is Du and I would like to do things for you. What sort of things? Well, I can do manual labor - I've done some (very) light construction, I can paint walls, garden,… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Assembly & Repair, Shopping, IKEA Delivery, and Administrative

  • Jeff K.
    Level 27 TaskRabbit

    Jeff K.

    Featured in the Sunday Times! http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/09/realestate/high-tech-solutions-for-house-and-apartment.html Whether you're looking for a courier, bartender,… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Shopping, House Cleaning, Event Help, and Packing

  • Juan Andres D.
    Level 26 TaskRabbit

    Juan Andres D.

    Are you looking for a solid guy who hardworking, smart, and quick? I'm a college grad with a bachelor's in Hospitality Management, and focus in foreign languages, with… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, House Cleaning, Moving & Packing, House Chores, and Shopping

  • Herve M.
    Level 26 TaskRabbit

    Herve M.

    Hi, I live in NYC and have plenty of tasks I can do for you! I'm a man of many talents. Primarily, I'm a computer, internet and technology geek. I also know my way around the… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Assembly & Repair, Moving & Packing, Shopping, and Computer Help

  • Khanh T.
    Level 26 TaskRabbit

    Khanh T.

    Member of the TaskRabbit Elite - February 2014. I moved to New York from California about 4 years ago, without a job or knowing a person, and I'm still here, so I guess I'm… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Shopping, Research, Moving & Packing, and Event Help

  • Dmitry S.
    Level 26 TaskRabbit

    Dmitry S.

    Hi there, I will be unavailable from the 18th of March until mid June. Thanks to all of my wonderful clients new and old and I hope to see you all once again upon my… more

    Top Task Types: Handyman, Assembly & Repair, Moving & Packing, Carpentry, and Delivery

  • Andre W.
    Level 25 TaskRabbit

    Andre W.

    Specialty Task: Basic Housekeeping, Airbnb Management, Delivery Task, and Moving Task. Andre is a hard-working, reliable, and creative worker who is also an entrepreneur. He zooms… more

    Top Task Types: House Cleaning, Delivery, Moving & Packing, Computer Engineering, and Handyman

    Level 25 TaskRabbit


    Out of all the jobs I have ever had, I enjoy being a TaskRabbit the most. I love the fact that no 2 tasks are ever the same, and that each one is unique. I enjoy helping out others,… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Packing, Event Help, Virtual Assistance, and Shopping