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  • Juan Andres D.
    Level 26 TaskRabbit

    Juan Andres D.

    Are you looking for a solid guy who hardworking, smart, and quick? I'm a college grad with a bachelor's in Hospitality Management, and focus in foreign languages, with… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, House Cleaning, Moving & Packing, House Chores, and Shopping

  • Dmitry S.
    Level 26 TaskRabbit

    Dmitry S.

    Hi there, I will be unavailable from the 18th of March until mid June. Thanks to all of my wonderful clients new and old and I hope to see you all once again upon my… more

    Top Task Types: Handyman, Assembly & Repair, Moving & Packing, Carpentry, and Delivery

  • Andre W.
    Level 25 TaskRabbit

    Andre W.

    Specialty Task: Basic Housekeeping, Airbnb Management, Delivery Task, and Moving Task. Andre is a hard-working, reliable, and creative worker who is also an entrepreneur. He zooms… more

    Top Task Types: House Cleaning, Delivery, Moving & Packing, Computer Engineering, and Handyman

  • William N.
    Level 24 TaskRabbit

    William N.

    Hi! I'm Will. I'm a great taskrabbit because I have held a lot of jobs and have had many different responsibilities that make my abilities unique. When you hire me to… more

    Top Task Types: Assembly & Repair, Handyman, Carpentry, Event Help, and Moving & Packing

  • Chazz C.
    Level 24 TaskRabbit

    Chazz C.

    I enjoy helping others regardless of race, class, age or creed and I want to broaden my NYC Metro network of clients and friends. For my undergrad, I studied Business Finance… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, House Cleaning, Research, Moving & Packing, and Painting

  • Jesse M.
    Level 24 TaskRabbit

    Jesse M.

    Gentleman. Scholar. Linguist. Jurist. Mixologist. Male Model. Astronaut. I am an experienced as a writer, editor, graphic designer, blogger, waiter, server, salesman, actor, and… more

    Top Task Types: Moving & Packing, Event Help, Delivery, Research, and Writing

  • Benjamin D R.
    Level 23 TaskRabbit

    Benjamin D R.

    I'm an architectural woodworker/cabinet maker/furniture maker by trade for over 30 years. I have also worked with interior designers to build and install custom furnishings for… more

    Top Task Types: Handyman, Skilled, Assembly & Repair, Painting, and IKEA Assembly

  • Georgi H.
    Level 21 TaskRabbit

    Georgi H.

    Professional problem solver at hand. Organization? Quick deliveries? Coordinating events? Laborious and tedious help with construction/furniture/even building a… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Research, Usability Testing, Virtual Assistance, and Shopping

  • Zach F.
    Level 21 TaskRabbit

    Zach F.

    I'm a 27 year old college graduate, living in Brooklyn and playing in a band. I have a huge amount of energy to devote to other endeavors, but my schedule isn't conducive to… more

    Top Task Types: Moving & Packing, Delivery, Donation Pickup, Usability Testing, and Computer Help

  • David E.
    Level 19 TaskRabbit

    David E.

    A California native and a city dweller at heart, I've lived in New York for over five years and have had a great time exploring all it offers. The majority of my time is spent in… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Moving & Packing, Restaurant Delivery, Usability Testing, and Dry Cleaning Delivery