Dan S.

Computer Help - More Kindle Fire loading help needed in Irvine

Sat. Jan 7, 8:00 PM for Dan S.



Note: I'm reposting this because I can't see a way to hire more than 1 Rabbit at a time. I may have repost it several times.

I have 800 Kindle Fire tablets that need to be loaded with three short videos. The task steps are; unpack the units, connect them to a computer, drag-and-drop 3 files, and test the unites by playing back the videos. It's a very simple process that I can teach you and only requires a base knowledge of computer operation. I'm seeking 4-5 Rabbits to complete the task in my office in Irvine. PC laptop computers are welcomed, as they will increase our productivity, but are not mandatory. Please let me know if you can bring one (or more), when replying. The task will take place from 8:30am until 5:00pm on Saturday (minus a lunch break). If the project is not completed on Saturday, it will carry over to Sunday, for those who are available (the hours will be flexible). There is also the possibility of some hours on Friday (tomorrow) afternoon, should the units be delivered by Noon. The task is priced at 8 hours, but I'll adjust for those who work additional hours.