Arjun N.

Healthy Meals for the Week

Wed. Mar 2, 7:00 PM for Arjun N.



I would like you to cook me 10 healthy meals for the week. They should use no butter or oil and only minimal amounts of olive oil if completely necessary. Please don't use any dairy, carbs or fats. Variety is key! I don't want to eat the same flavors every day. In your response, please provide sample preparations for the following:

Each meal should consist of:
- 1 grilled chicken breast
- steamed or grilled broccoli OR mashed or baked or grilled sweet potatoes (yams).

You can use things like garlic, chili peppers, etc. to flavor the food. Please individually package each meal separately so that I can refrigerate them and take one to work everyday. Will pay for the chicken, broccoli and sweet potatoes (yams). thanks!! Would like it for early this week.