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  • Stephen W.
    Level 15 TaskRabbit

    Stephen W.

    I work Monday through Friday for a company that supplys contractors with flooring and ceramics. I have late Friday afternoon open and weekends. I'm a navy Vet. I spent twenty… more

    Top Task Types: Child Care, House Chores, Handyman, Yard Work, and Moving & Packing

  • Robin R.
    Level 14 TaskRabbit

    Robin R.

    I am a versatile, organized and outgoing professional. I enjoy being creative and have made impressive cards, gifts and invitations for all occasions. Being well versed in most… more

    Top Task Types: Event Help, Organization, Office Help, Holiday Party Help, and Cooking/Baking

  • Wayne S.
    Level 14 TaskRabbit

    Wayne S.

    I am a natural history guide, living in Boston. I design and lead educational safaris to Kenya and Tanzania. I also work for a non-profit marine conservation group leading marine based… more

    Top Task Types: IKEA Delivery, IKEA Assembly, Transport, Heavy Lifting, and Handyman

  • Jacob O.
    Level 14 TaskRabbit

    Jacob O.

    If I specialize in anything it's powering through grueling IKEA (or other brand) furniture builds, but I'll take on anything that requires dogged persistence and/or patience… more

    Top Task Types: IKEA Assembly, Assembly & Repair, Moving & Packing, Handyman, and Event Help

  • Dawn M.
    Level 14 TaskRabbit

    Dawn M.

    Hi. I am a freelance court reporter and love what I do. I'm a stickler for puncuation and the English language. Being self-employed leaves me open to spend my free time as I please.… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Shipping, Office Help, Event Help, and Computer Help

  • Paula K.
    Level 14 TaskRabbit

    Paula K.

    I'm excited about being a taskrabbit! I work full-time at one of the world's leading academic institutions. I have a pretty long commute so I am able to complete tasks along my… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, IKEA Delivery, Shopping, Research, and Restaurant Delivery

  • Minh T.
    Level 14 TaskRabbit

    Minh T.

    READY to lend a hand! :)

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Moving & Packing, Transport, House Cleaning, and Yard Work

  • Stephanie F.
    Level 14 TaskRabbit

    Stephanie F.

    Top Task Types: Delivery, House Cleaning, Shopping, House Chores, and Restaurant Delivery

  • Mohamed h.
    Level 14 TaskRabbit

    Mohamed h.

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Shopping, Painting, House Cleaning, and Moving & Packing

  • Elizabeth G.
    Level 14 TaskRabbit

    Elizabeth G.

    Hello, I am a long time Bostonian and know my way around many neighborhoods. I've worked as a carpenter, gardener, and in marketing, among other things. I enjoy meeting new… more

    Top Task Types: Yard Work, House Cleaning, Handyman, Delivery, and Assembly & Repair