Street Team - Sunday Fun in the Park (Esplanade) - 9/11

Sun. Sep 11, 4:00 PM for TaskRabbitBOS



We're looking for a friendly and enthusiastic Rabbit to distribute promo cards Sunday (9/11) from 2:00pm-3:30pm on the Esplanade. You must be comfortable talking to people on the street…we need the Boston community to see how awesome TaskRabbit is!

Before your task starts, you will need to pick up promotional materials (promo cards and T-shirt if necessary). When you’re done with the event, you will need to email us a brief summary of the event with information such as how many cards you gave out and what the most common questions were.

Remember: Promoting TaskRabbit = more new tasks for our Rabbits! Be friendly, tell people what we’re all about, and bring in some new tasks.