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  • Katherine T.
    Level 6 TaskRabbit

    Katherine T.

    I'm a 20-something who just moved to Somerville. I work for a nonprofit in Downtown Crossing as a Data Analyst so I'm very comfortable with Microsoft Access and Excel in… more

    Top Task Types: Administrative, Writing, Accounting, Computer Help, and Notary

  • Marc H.
    Level 28 TaskRabbit

    Marc H.

    Member of the TaskRabbit Elite-Feb2014 Hi, I enjoy helping people with a wide array of tasks. I'm fast, friendly, reliable, efficient, down to earth, honest, always on… more

    Top Task Types: Handyman, Moving & Packing, Assembly & Repair, Yard Work, and Delivery

  • stacie s.
    Level 27 TaskRabbit

    stacie s.

    Member of the TaskRabbit Elite - February 2014. Hello, everyone! I've been a Task Rabbit for over a year, and I love it!!! It's great to help people with any task they need… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Research, Virtual Assistance, Usability Testing, and Shopping

  • Angel L.
    Level 24 TaskRabbit

    Angel L.

    I am a producer/director/editor and actress, with my own production company. When I am not producing any shows, I have a lot of free time to spare; even when I am working on shows, I… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Transport, Donation Pickup, Shopping, and Grocery Delivery

  • nefertiti f.
    Level 24 TaskRabbit

    nefertiti f.

    Member of the TaskRabbit Elite - February 2014. Greetings! Thanks for visiting my profile! You have definitely come to the right Task Rabbit. I have experience with child care,… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Shopping, House Cleaning, Event Help, and Moving & Packing

  • Jeff N.
    Level 22 TaskRabbit

    Jeff N.

    I am a trained chef in the French Guild, also have been in the hospitality field for 27 years. I can educate those in classical menu planning and preparation of French and Italian… more

    Top Task Types: Painting, Yard Work, Delivery, Handyman, and Assembly & Repair

  • Susan H.
    Level 22 TaskRabbit

    Susan H.

    Hi, Welcome to Task Rabbit!! A little about me.... I am a mother of two children, a senior in High school, and a Junior in college. I also am the "mother" to one… more

    Top Task Types: Yard Work, Organization, House Chores, Event Help, and Usability Testing

  • Melina G.
    Level 21 TaskRabbit

    Melina G.

    I am a college graduate with a type A personality. I'm quick, responsible, and highly motivated to get any task done and done well. I'm enthusiastic, organized and very… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, House Cleaning, Shopping, Organization, and Administrative

  • Jennifer R.
    Level 20 TaskRabbit

    Jennifer R.

    Looking for a go-to kind of person? You found one here! As a military spouse I tackled nearly every home repair/home improvement job there is, and successfully, too. Grocery… more

    Top Task Types: Sewing, Research, Delivery, House Chores, and Skilled

  • Patrick J.
    Level 19 TaskRabbit

    Patrick J.

    My name is Patrick and I'm a recent college grad just looking to do some odd jobs as I apply for opportunities in the next phase of life. I enjoy heavy lifting and moving (who… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Moving & Packing, Shopping, Yard Work, and Research