Micro-Entrepreneurship, TaskRabbit Team

Who are the Rabbits?

People always ask us, who makes up your Runner community?  As I blogged earlier this month, our Runners are truly entrepreneurs; real people, neighbors, all with wonderful stories and a collective desire to make our community better than they found it.  Every TaskRabbit Runner goes through a three-step vetting process, including an online application, a phone screening, and a background check.  It is quite competitive to become a TaskRabbit Runner, and we now have a waiting list hundreds deep.

Our vision is to harness the power of a community, to connect real people in your neighborhood to help one another out.  You can think of us at the Etsy of services.  You go to Etsy to purchase handmade goods and those guys are creative, they are entrepreneurs.  You can come to TaskRabbit to meet the Runners who have both free time to share and want to help you out.  What could be better than that?  Some TaskRabbit Runners may also have special skills to share as well – we have photographers, chefs, teachers, designers, and all kinds of other professionals involved in our Runner community.  We are now working on better ways to improve searching and matching needs to wants with all of these super stars.

Ultimately, we are really just a fun site connecting neighbors.  Runners get to choose the Tasks they want , the amount they want to earn, and enjoy the freedom of being their own bosses.  Isn’t entrepreneurship, great?  We are currently recruiting Runners in the Boston and SF Bay Area.  If you are interested, you can learn more here.