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When TaskRabbit and Skillshare Meet…

Last night at The Hub in San Francisco, our marketing maven Jamie V. handed out some lessons to a sold-out Skillshare class. The topic? How to be a lean, mean marketing machine. Entrepreneurs, marketing and PR pros, and representatives from other collaborative consumption companies all showed up to see how we do it at TaskRabbit.

Jamie’s core message was simple: “Give your customers amazing experiences, that’s what’s going to drive your business.” She spoke about the power our community members have in the development of TaskRabbit — pointing out that customer feedback is the most important element to making us better and better each day. At TaskRabbit, we test everything to see what works best for the TaskPosters and the TaskRabbits at the individual level. We also closely monitor community feedback on Twitter and Facebook to continuously improve the user experience.

Jamie also talked about the importance of knowing and believing in your mission. Our mission at TaskRabbit is to bring back the neighborhood by providing a marketplace for micro-entrepreneurs to help their busy neighbors get things done. Since the audience was hoping for inside tips, Jamie told them what our secret marketing weapon is: Leah. As a startup, we’re lucky to have a brilliant, personable, and engaging founder who evangelizes the TaskRabbit mission to our community and the broader public.

Not only did Jamie’s talk help a talented group of Skillshare students expand their knowledge, the event itself demonstrated some of TaskRabbit’s core values: Helping entrepreneurs thrive, sharing ideas within a collaborative working environment at The Hub, and participating in Skillshare’s peer-to-peer skill exchange marketplace.