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Vayable Makes Everyone a Local

Vayable Local Expierence

Vayable makes it possible to travel like a local.

We’re mighty proud to be part of the sharing economy, so you can imagine how excited we are to count so many collaborative consumption companies in the TaskRabbit for Business community. This week we decided to catch up with the co-founder and CEO of one of our favorite companies, Jamie Wong of Vayable. By providing an incredible marketplace that makes it easy to access local experts, Vayable is redefining the art of travel. Jamie was kind enough to chat with us about her vision for Vayable — and how TaskRabbits are helping her realize it.

Jamie Wong of VayableWhat’s the mission of Vayable?
“To enable entrepreneurship, cultural exchange, and community worldwide by empowering people to share experiences with others.”

How do TaskRabbits help out the Vayable team?
“‘How doesn’t the Vayable team use TaskRabbit?’ might be a better question. TaskRabbits deliver us food, Apple equipment, and matzo ball soup for our friends when they get sick. They’ve helped us move (several times), and kept us healthy with juice cleanses and warm with firewood for our in-office fireplace.”

What made you decide to use TaskRabbit?
“We have been fans of TaskRabbit since Vayable began. The ability for us to outsource daily tasks, errands, and skilled work has been important so we can free up our time to focus on our business and the work we do best. We’ve built very strong relationships with several TaskRabbits over the years and it’s comforting to be able to rely on these friendly, skilled folks in the community.”[pullshow]

What similarities do you see between Vayable guides and TaskRabbits?
“[pullthis]Both Vayable and TaskRabbit communities share similar cultures based on trust, integrity, and opportunity. Our platforms are enabling people to leverage their extra time, skills, and interests to make a living, and this attracts a type of person who wants more out of life than the typical 9-to-5 job, who enjoys interacting with people and helping to improve the lives of others.[/pullthis] Like TaskRabbits, Vayable guides are extremely active in the community and are leading a movement that utilizes technology to foster better offline experiences and interactions.”

In addition to supporting TaskRabbit, a leader in the collaborative economy, what other ways does Vayable walk the walk of social responsibility?
“Vayable is both a leader and an active participant of the collaborative economy. We are frequent users of TaskRabbit, Lyft, and Airbnb, and everyone on our team has participated on both sides of the peer-to-peer marketplace. We care deeply about giving back to the community in other ways beyond our platform, so we regularly volunteer, keep an eco-friendly office, and value sharing over ownership. We also put health at the top of our list of core team values, because without health and wellbeing, what do we have?”

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