TaskRabbit is revolutionizing how work gets done. And we’ve already come a long way this year – since January, our task posting volume has grown by 50 percent. Last year, we acquired 1.25 million new users and are on track to double that in 2014. We now have over 25,000 people earning an income on our site, with 10 percent running tasks as a full-time job.

Today, we’re excited to unveil our plans to roll out a brand new product experience before the end of July that will make it easier than ever to live smarter by relying on TaskRabbit as your trusted source for home services.

This new experience is the result of our users’ feedback. Users on both sides of our marketplace wanted a higher quality, more seamless product experience. Some changes are small – for starters, we received some feedback on our brand terminology. So, once The New TaskRabbit is live, TaskRabbits will be called “Taskers” and TaskPosters will be called “Clients.”

Other changes are more significant and based on months of user research and testing with our Clients and Taskers. The New TaskRabbit will better meet the needs and requests of our community.

We’ve spent months building a matching algorithm that automatically matches Clients with Taskers who have the right skills and availability for their task. The matching algorithm takes into account our Tasker’s past behavior on the site, the skill preferences they set in their profile, and their availability and schedule. We present the Client with a variety of suitable Tasker candidates – some tenured, some new – so the Client is able to make their selection on the grounds they see fit (e.g. experience, ratings/ reviews or price).

Tasks are immediately assigned once a Client selects a Tasker they’d like to work with. A Client leaves the site knowing who they will be working with, how much the task will cost and when the task will be complete. All tasks are priced by the hour, so Clients can select a Tasker with their preferred rate. No more “pricing anxiety,” because it will be easy to calculate how much a task will cost based on the anticipated time required.


Clients will now be able to communicate directly with Taskers without sharing any personal information using our new messaging platform. We’ve also launched new iOS and Android apps for our Taskers to let them communicate with their Clients on the go.


In short, for our Clients and Taskers. They spoke, we listened.

Both our Clients and Taskers asked for a more seamless and secure way to communicate – we built a proprietary messaging platform. Our Taskers asked for an easier way to manage their schedule – we built a new scheduling tool. We’ve simplified our product experience and kept the logistics of scheduling and communication all in one place – on the TaskRabbit platform.

Our Clients also told us that they wanted to leave the site knowing who they will be working with, how much the task will cost and when the task will be complete. We developed a matching algorithm that immediately finds a perfect match, resulting in an improved customer experience.


The new TaskRabbit will go live before the end of July. For now, just sit back, relax, and keep relying on TaskRabbit to live smarter as you normally do.