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Trouble-Shooting Tasks

Trouble-Shooting Tasks

I picked up a task the other day that looked fairly simple: pick up an order of huevos rancheros and deliver them down the street. Easy, right? Not so! First, it was pouring rain outside, so my pleasant little walk became not-so-pleasant. Once I got to the delivery location, I found out that the drop-off address was on the 22nd floor of the building, and I was not allowed upstairs. Plus, since it was a surprise delivery, I did not have contact information for the recipient. Yikes!

Luckily everything turned out alright with my delivery task, but as I stood there dripping wet in the lobby of this very tall building, I realized it’s important to know what to do when things don’t go exactly as you planned…

Your First Resource for Help: Yourself!
When you applied to become a TaskRabbit, we chose you because we trust you. We trust that you’ll make the right decisions when doing a task, because you’re neighborly and awesome. Your TaskPosters chose you for the same reason: they trust you to handle their task like a pro. When you find yourself in a jam, take a deep breath and use your best judgment. Evaluate the situation, focus on being helpful, and trust yourself to do the right thing.

If You Don’t Know, Ask Your TaskPoster
Most questions on a task can be answered by your TaskPoster. You should always consult your TaskPoster when confirming details about a task — scheduling, location, supplies needed, and deadline — but they can also be a resource for surprise challenges. To return to my delivery example above, the way I solved that problem was by calling the TaskPoster, who helped me get in touch with the proper recipient.

The TaskRabbit Support Team
You can reach our illustrious Support Team by submitting a request or, if it’s really urgent, by phone at 888-661-8105. They are a great resource when you need assistance with your account, if the website is acting up, or if communication breaks down with your TaskPoster. As a former member of the team, I can tell you that they are extremely helpful but also extremely busy, so please only contact Support when you absolutely need them — remember, most questions can be answered by your TaskPoster!

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