Trending Task: Spring Cleaning

April 3, 2012

Be afraid, Dirt, the TaskRabbits are coming.

The first day of spring, what people who hang around observatories call “the vernal equinox,” occurred two weeks ago on March 20th. Did you notice? Yeah, we really didn’t either. People who know about things like this are chalking this missed milestone up to an overly warm winter (this last one was the 4th warmest in at least 117 years), but we suspect a reluctance to embrace spring cleaning may also be a factor.

Spring cleaning is simply really intimidating. Scrubbing your home from top to bottom, bestowing order upon a cluttered garage, and weeding a garden overgrown after months of frost — that’s a whole lot to take on, even if it is just once a year. The spring cleaning tradition is rooted in multiple cultures around the world — one of our favorites is its role in ushering in the Persian New Year, when it’s called “shaking the house.” Well sometimes you just can’t shake it alone. Maybe that’s why TaskPosters around the country are outsourcing their spring cleaning to-do lists to TaskRabbits. We took a cue from our TaskPoster community to whip up this handy dandy checklist of TaskRabbit-ready spring cleaning Tasks:

Tackle My Closet
New York TaskPoster Amanda S. had a simple request: Organize my closet in a way that I can maintain. TaskRabbit Elizabeth R. rocked it with a five star review. Elizabeth also received a glowing review for taking on the closet of EJ K. — a TaskPoster who lost more than 100 pounds this year. Yay EJ! Task On: Try posting other organization Tasks like cleaning out your garage, attic, storage shed, or filing cabinets.

Create a Solution
When Boston TaskPoster Kristen G. needed more storage space in her kitchen to prepare for the spring, she posted a Task to build a pantry. Very handy TaskRabbit Jeremiah H. measured the space, found the materials, and converted a seldom used front closet into a foodie’s dream pantry. Task On: Try posting other home improvement Tasks like building bookshelves, painting walls, replacing grout, earthquake proofing heavy items, refinishing furniture, or stripping your hardwood floors. 

Find My Yard
Once upon a time Carol Ruth‘s garden was a Japanese oasis in the middle of San Francisco — but now she can barely see it. To ring in spring time, she’s working with TaskRabbit Spencer M. to tackle the weeds. Task On: Try posting other outside Tasks like planting a vegetable bed, mulching flowers and shrubs, creating a container garden, cleaning your grill, or setting up your warm weather patio furniture.

Scrub It All Down
When the sun started shining in New York City, Carrie C. didn’t waste any time — she called for a top to bottom scrub down of her 500 sq. foot studio apartment. She put the nooks and crannies in the crosshairs, bought some cleaning supplies, and decided to invite TaskRabbit Simone S. over to save the day. Task On: Try posting other deep cleaning tasks like wall scrubbing, window washing, floor waxing, and fireplace detailing. 

Manage My Media
TaskPoster Canem A. was ready to finish converting his music collection to iTunes, there was only one problem — he didn’t have time to burn 100 CDs to his external hard drive. So TaskRabbit Darone R. swooped in to help usher him all the way into the digital age. Task On: Try posting other data clean-up Tasks like photo and email archiving, social network makeovers, contact list updating, and scanning hard copies of records into digital files. 

Get Rid of My Stuff
When LA-area TaskPoster Kate M. started cleaning off her porch, she realized there were a lot of items she just didn’t need anymore. That’s why she Tasked Christian G. with delivering two bikes, a few tables, some folding chairs, and even some clothing to the local GoodwillTask On: Try posting a Task to lug boxes of food to the local food bank, donate old baby gear to the Salvation Army, list unwanted but valuable items on eBay Classifieds, or box up your old books for the Global Literacy Project or another charity. 


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