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TouchOfModern and the Art of Attainable Design

TouchOfModern TaskRabbit

Like many online retailers, TouchOfModern experiences two key challenges during the holiday shopping season: volume and timeliness. Not only do a lot of people want to buy a lot of things from the home decor site, they need those things delivered by a specific date. We caught up with TouchOfModern’s Jonathan Tzou to learn more about how they go about navigating the craziness of December — and how TaskRabbits are helping them do it.

What is the mission of TouchOfModern?
“TouchOfModern believes truly excellent design can be attainable and affordable for the everyday consumer. We pride ourselves in curating the highest quality designs at the best prices for our loyal members. Good modern design shouldn’t be so hard to come by; TouchOfModern sets out to prove this by performing all of the legwork in bringing said design to customers at unbeatable prices.”

How do TaskRabbits help out the TouchOfModern team?
“When things get extra busy (and they often do), our fulfillment team relies on trusty TaskRabbits to help get orders packed and shipped out to customers in a timely manner. The help has given TouchOfModern a tremendous boost in throughput, allowing us to spend more time improving our product pipeline instead of managing a large workforce.” [pullshow]

What made you decide to use TaskRabbit?
[pullthis]”The reputation system that TaskRabbit implemented gives all of us at TouchOfModern confidence in the help we enlist. This is a far better solution than posting ads in classifieds to complete strangers or bringing on temps for short bursts. Since starting with TaskRabbit, we’ve built strong relationships with our diligent helpers and treat them like they are a part of the company.”[/pullthis]

In what ways do TaskRabbits help you handle seasonal demand?
“Seasonal demand brings on two challenges: volume and timeliness. As order volumes increase into the holiday season, TaskRabbits help immensely in ensuring TouchOfModern’s products get packed properly and efficiently. Timeliness also becomes crucial during these few months as hard dates become visible targets. Getting products out the door on the same day they arrive becomes a high priority, but getting this done requires sufficient manpower. TaskRabbit has given us the wherewithal to make this happen.”

How do you envision the future of design?
“The future of design looks promising. Sites like KickStarter and Indiegogo prove that people appreciate and support the design community. As more tools are created to help more designers bring their concept designs to fruition, TouchOfModern will be there to help said designers reach the very customers that discover, browse, and acquire these amazing inventions.”

In addition to supporting TaskRabbit, a leader in the collaborative economy, what other ways does TouchOfModern walk the walk of social responsibility?
“TouchOfModern believes in sustainable operation and uses only biodegradable packing material to protect and ship its products. We also dropship orders whenever possible to minimize unnecessary waste of both shipping material and man hours.”

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