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Tips for installing curtains & blinds

Window treatments are a great way to enhance your home’s decor and achieve energy efficiency, too. But for many people the process of choosing and installing curtains, blinds, shades, and drapes is not quick or easy. Sound like you? We’re here to help you check this home improvement task off your to-do list!

Here’s what you need to know about picking out the perfect window treatments–and getting them installed.


Curtains are a wonderful way to create ambiance in a room no matter what your style is. Curtains are also a simple and practical room darkening solution. 

Before you book:

Typically curtain installation includes installing a curtain rod or rods, in addition to putting up the curtains. Taskers can also remove and replace previous hardware, patch holes, apply touch-up paint, etc. Think through what you need and make sure to put it into your task description.

Let your Tasker know:

  • If you want the curtain rod hung on the window frame, or a certain distance past it. Typically curtain rods are mounted about 3” past the window frame on each side. 
  • If your curtains should hang from a certain height. The standard height is to mount the rod 4” above the window frame.


Shades and blinds have a neat appearance and are an easy way to adjust lighting in a room. They are especially useful in rooms where you watch TV, or rooms where you want to better insulate your windows.

Before you book:

If you’re getting inside-mount shades hung, you will need to provide exact measurements when you place your order. Need help? Use our Room Measurement services to feel confident before you make your shades purchase. 

Outside-mount shades are more forgiving! Outside-mount shades are also helpful for blocking drafty windows since they cover the entire window casing. Many shades come with the option for a valance, cordless pulls, room darkening, and other features. Hire Interior Design help if you want suggestions for window treatment options.

Let your Tasker know:

  • If you prefer for your outside-mount blinds to be mounted on the window frame, wall, or ceiling.
  • If you do or do not want cleats mounted, around which the cords of your shade can be wrapped. 


Despite the grandmillenial trend (and perhaps some Bridgerton influence?), drapes are less common these days, as they are more formal and require a bit more skill to hang. 

Let your Tasker know:

  • Confirm the height at which the drapes should be hung with your Tasker. While drapes usually skirt the floor, you may not want them to if you have pets or small children.
  • If you prefer your drapes hung at the standard 4” past the window on each side, or if you have another vision. Since drapes are typically open during the day, you want to be sure they won’t block too much light in an open position.

Additional useful information

Here are some details to provide the Tasker in the task description, and over the chat thread.

  • How many curtains or blinds will you need hung–or taken down!
  • Confirm that you already have the shades/curtains, as well as the rods and the hardware 
  • If you’ve double checked that what you’ve purchased will fit your windows
  • If you know the wall type into which the Tasker will be mounting (so they can bring the right tools)
  • If you need the Tasker to remove previous hardware, and/or do any paint touch-ups
  • If you have a ladder or step ladder the Tasker can use

While the Tasker you hire can troubleshoot issues, be prepared to communicate with them before, during, and after the task to make sure you’re satisfied. 

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