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The TaskRabbit Credo

Our mission is to connect busy people with entrepreneurs who can help them get things done. In the process, we’re bringing back that old time neighborhood spirit. In celebration of these incredible entrepreneurs who are the heroes of the TaskRabbit community, we’re thrilled to introduce the TaskRabbit Credo. This statement is a living document that reflects the spirit and mission of what it is to be a TaskRabbit.

The TaskRabbit Credo

We’re entrepreneurs. We decide when we want to work and how much we want to bid for each Task.

We master every single Task because we love to make TaskPosters say “wow.” If things go wrong, we make them right.

We’re awesome communicators because being that way makes every Task better. We know how to listen and ask the right questions, and TaskPosters love us for it.

We think creatively to solve little problems before they become big problems.

We’re trustworthy, not just because we’ve been vetted through formal channels, but because we’re dedicated professionals on a mission.

We’re part of the movement working toward building a more collaborative economy.

We’re friendly neighbors, and we’re working hard to bring back that neighborhood spirit to our communities.

We have the right to safe Tasking environments, respectful interactions with TaskPosters, and support from TaskRabbit Member Services.

There are thousands of stories in the TaskRabbit community and we’re the heroes of them all.


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