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The Runner Report – Week of 5/10/2010

All the TaskRabbit News that’s Fit To Print!

Runners, Unite!

Runners, Unite!

Hello Runners!
Welcome to the bi-weekly Runner Report. Included will be shoutouts to Superstar Runners, tips and helpful tricks to help YOU guys run more tasks, more efficiently and answers to the top questions I have received for the week.
Question #1: Can I advertise my personal promo code on Twitter/Facebook/Craigslist?
Answer – YES! By all mean, we WANT you to send your promo code out to everyone! You get $5 added to your account at the end of the month for every time someone uses your promo code. The more you promote your code – the more easy money you make!

Question #2: What happens if I do a task and the Sender doesn’t mark the task as completed? Will I get paid?
Answer – Yes! We auto-close out all tasks after 3 days, so no worries. The Runner fee will be automatically dropped into your account after the 3rd day if a Sender does not close the task on their own.

Question #3: How do I get my personal promo code?
Answer– Email Amanda@TaskRabbit.com (me) and ask to be signed up for your code. Your personal promo code works like a business card. You hand it out/give it out/post it everywhere and for every time that your code is used YOU get $5 and the Sender get’s $15 off of their first task. It’s a great deal for everyone!

Question #4: I’ve accepted a task, but the Sender hasn’t replied yet. How do I get in touch with them?
Answer-If you have some time before the task needs to be completed, give the Sender a fair amount of time to get back to you. If the task needs to be done ASAP and you can’t get in touch with the Sender, send up the Bat-signal to Amanda (me) and let me know that YOU NEED HELP! My job is to help the Runners with anything they need, so call on me for assistance in situations like this.


These two Superstar Runners have been awarded 25 bonus points each for awesomeness in the field of TaskRabbit Duty!

Superstar #1Diane H. was hired to help a Mom clean her house for a day and Diane did such a great job that she received a tip AND a 5 star rating PLUS a glowing review! We also received a personal email from the Sender hailing Diane’s efforts, enthusiasm, hard work and professionalism. Diane made a Sender’s Mother’s Day gift extra special and for that WE SALUTE DIANE!

Superstar #2Nathaniel G. had the most epic profile photo we have ever seen posted on TaskRabbit. As a student at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Nat added great descriptive words and a photo of a live bunny to his profile pic. While we do encourage ALL Runners to upload photos of themselves to help Senders identify you in the course of running tasks, Nat went above and beyond our expectations for a profile pic, and for that WE SALUTE NAT G!


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