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The New Model of Work: Why Independent Employment Is Killing the Nine to Five Job

Punching the clock is swiftly becoming a thing of the past.

We’re thrilled to report that Leah’s very first column for The Huffington Post’s Small Business section was published this morning. It’s only been live for a few hours and has already trended to the front page. And no wonder, Leah discusses a very cool and exciting vision for the future of work: no more 9-to-5 jobs. Here’s a quick teaser:

The term “nine-to-five” has long symbolized a kind of drudgery that sucks up our lives and eclipses our identities, but it wasn’t until the Great Recession that the pejorative phrase was crowned with an entirely new distinction: old-fashioned. Even as the jobless rate continues its slow decline, the still-anemic U.S. employment market is prompting more and more people to do the math: There are 12.8 million workers looking for jobs — that means multiple candidates for every open position. Summation? The paths of least friction and risk are increasingly leading away from traditional employment. Read the entire column here.

This installment is the first of many: Leah’s column is dedicated to topics like collaborative consumption, peer-to-peer marketplaces, micro-entrepreneurship, redefining the neighborhood, and living a more efficient and productive life. Basically, all the awesome stuff that TaskRabbit helps make possible as a pioneer in service networking.