The First Rule of Sandwich Club is…

August 1, 2012


August is National Sandwich Month. Do you understand what we’re saying here? National. Sandwich. Month. Shoving sandwiches in your mouth on the daily is totally acceptable until September 1st. Here at TaskRabbit HQ, we intend to honor the sandwich as fully and deliciously as possible. That’s why we started a little thing we like to call “Sandwich Club.”

The mission of Sandwich Club is to eat sandwiches. We’ll be carrying out this mission all month long using the exclusive-to-San Francisco Deliver Now feature on the free TaskRabbit iPhone app. Wanna join us? San Franciscans who use Deliver Now for sandwich delivery four times will receive the 5th delivery on us. That’s a pretty tasty deal.

Today, we begin the festivities with a delightful banh mi. What sandwich will you have for lunch today?