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The Best Gift You Can Give Dad

Whether you are new to the “Daddy Community” or you are a long-time member of this elite society, there is one thing that every dad could use in their lives and it isn’t another tie; It’s more free time.

This Father’s Day, don’t spend money on a store bought gift. Store bought isn’t personalized, and frankly, he probably has enough “stuff.” Give  your dad something far more valuable and memorable; A Day to Himself to Relax.

Think of all the ways in which a father could enjoy more free time in his day. Free time equates to rewards like: getting to watch that basketball game he’s been looking forward to, catching up on nap time, working on his golf game, reading that book he’s been looking forward to finishing or simply enjoying more time with the family.

Think to yourself: “What can I do for Dad that would relieve some of the mundane chore time from his day.”

Ideas for Helping Dad:

  • Mow the lawn and do that extra yard work that needs doing
  • Clean and detail his car (saves him time AND money)
  • Take the trash out and organize the recycling
  • Heavy lifting around the house
  • Organizing the garage
  • Cleaning the Gutters
  • Updating his computer
  • Housework (from painting to fixing those broken shelves.)
  • Taking and picking up (and paying for) his dry cleaning.
  • The best gift you can give someone is free time.

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