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TaskRabbit’s API is now available and we’re proud to be working with 3 great partners!

As you may have heard, the product team and I have been busy preparing our API for its public release. Well, today, I am excited to announce that the TaskRabbit API is now available! Third-party applications now have the ability to integrate with TaskRabbit’s API, allowing their users to seamlessly outsource their to-do workflow via TaskRabbit.

There are two ways to implement TaskRabbit’s API within an application. The first is via direct integration, where a third-party application or Web service can engage with TaskRabbit on behalf of a company. Here’s an example: YouEye, an online user testing platform for rapid feedback on any website, is leveraging TaskRabbit’s API to seamlessly staff user testing jobs on behalf of their customers. The diversity of the TaskRabbit’s community offers YouEye customers affordable insights into how people with varied backgrounds engage and experience websites in the real world.

The second is a per user integration. Imagine a world where you can log on to your favorite productivity or to-do list app, and with a click of a button, you could instantly outsource your to-dos to a fully-vetted and background-checked individual. Well, that’s now a reality with our API’s per user integration.

Astrid, the personal assistant app that helps people manage their to-dos, has integrated the TaskRabbit API into its Android, Web, and iPhone apps. Astrid has taken steps to ensure that users can manage the entire Task posting experience within the Astrid app, and the UX is very consistent with TaskRabbit’s. Astrid is the first to bring the TaskRabbit experience to the Android. Producteev, the task management app, has also integrated the TaskRabbit’s API into its Web app. As our friends at Producteev announced last month, they were the first to use our API to allow users to outsource any Task directly from Producteev to our community of TaskRabbits – in just one click.

We are thrilled to continue building our vision for the ultimate “service networking” platform.  Our API demonstrates that TaskRabbit is continuing to enable its members to use the platform in seamless and innovative ways. It also means that users of every operating system – from iOS, to Android to Windows – can now tap into the TaskRabbit platform to live smarter and more efficiently – without ever having to leave their favorite productivity app.

Consider this development an appetizer for the full-blown apps we plan to bring to those other platforms. Speaking of, did you know we’re looking for help with that? Fit the bill? Get in touch.

If you want in on the API fun, just let us know at partners@taskrabbit.com

Learn more about the TaskRabbit API here.

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  1. Congratulations on the API launch! We’re really proud to be working with such a great team and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for businesses like ours.

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