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TaskRabbit Welcomes 1,000 New TaskRabbits Each Month

One Thousand TaskRabbits

Maybe it’s the enormous volume of tasks in our marketplace or maybe it’s the springtime air, but our community of TaskRabbits is multiplying like, well, you know. We’re on track to bring on more than 1,000 TaskRabbits a month through summer. That’s one thousand incredible additions to our community every thirty days. We simply couldn’t be any more excited. Here are some fun facts about this exciting (yet massive) effort:

1. Every member of the TaskRabbit Team watches at least three applicant video interviews each day to help out.

2. We’ve hired a brand new Jay, Jay Boren, to head up our TaskRabbit recruitment efforts.

3. We’re seeing an awful lot of veterans, teachers, grad students, young professionals, and stay-at-home moms apply.

Know someone who’d make a great TaskRabbit? Tell them to become part of our next 1,000 by applying here.