#ATinyTask Recap: Building A Tiny Home in the Middle of NYC

Recently, TaskRabbit challenged a group of 10 Taskers to build a Tiny House in the middle of Manhattan in just 72 hours – all for a good cause.

Building a fully outfitted tiny house in 3 days was a tall order – a build like this often takes months – but we set out to prove the power of collaboration, showing the kind of progress that can be made when people come together, bringing their best insights, skills and creativity to achieve something that seems impossible.

It was quite a week. New York was wonderful (and quite lovely, despite a bit of rain), our Taskers were incredible, and TaskRabbit’s Tiny House came together in record time, due to the planning, dedication and hard work of all involved.

A Symbol for Change

The TaskRabbit Tiny House was auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds going to our partner, Community Solutions, a national nonprofit helping communities take on complex social challenges – issues like homelessness, unemployment and health inequity – through collaboration and creative problem solving. This Tiny House was envisioned as a small symbol of the change that is possible when people have the right tools and opportunities to work together. Through our three-day build, our Taskers proved that amazing things can happen when we put our hearts into creating substantive change in our communities.

The Winning Bid

We’re proud to report that we were able to raise $26,600 to support Community Solutions’ work.  Sarah, a lovely woman from New Hampshire, placed the winning bid – and it’s nice to know our tiny home is in good hands.


Rosanne Haggerty, President & CEO of Community Solutions, Sarah, our Tiny House Winner, and Richard, our wonderful Tasker who transported our Tiny House to its new home in New Hampshire.

#ATinyTask: Behind the Scenes

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The Plans

A lot of time and effort went into making sure this Tiny Home was as efficient, cozy and welcoming as possible. Our master planners, designer Lesley Morphy and TaskRabbit Creative Director Scott Smith, maximized every square inch in the little house with comfort and style in mind, utilizing a lofted bed, lofted storage, a floor-to-ceiling tiled shower, a compost toilet, and custom details throughout. There’s a surprising amount of built-in storage in the kitchen, while a conscious decision was made to keep the living space open so you could actually exist comfortably without feeling cramped.


The Build

Our Taskers worked long, hard shifts while our team made sure they were well fed, hydrated and in good spirits. The team brought amazing energy and we couldn’t be prouder of the way they worked together. Stay tuned, as we’ll be highlighting more of our Tiny House Taskers’ stories in coming days – they were so great that we want to make sure all of you get to know them better.

Tiny_task (106 of 125)Tiny_task (74 of 125)day3_paintingTiny_task (39 of 125)

Day 1: The Beginning

Day 2: It’s a real house!

Day 3: The finishing touches

The Final Product

Behold, the completed Tiny House! For more photos, be sure to check out our Facebook page.

8 - IMG_89019 - IMG_890310 - IMG_890211 - IMG_892412 - IMG_8925Tiny Task_Finished (3 of 28)Tiny Task_Finished2 (2 of 17)Tiny Task_Finished2 (12 of 17)

TaskRabbit_Day 4 Pictures (51 of 74)

TaskRabbit_Day 4 Pictures (27 of 74)

A special thanks to all of our Taskers who helped bring #ATinyTask to life: David S., Travis T., Dwayne H.Vincent P.,  Grant T., Alvin P.Cameron F.Dale P., Jeffery J., and Larry R..

This was an incredibly inspiring project, and we really enjoyed watching the Tiny House come to life right in the middle of Manhattan. It was amazing to see what our Taskers are capable of, and we’re so glad we were able to support Community Solutions and help fight homelessness, unemployment and health inequity with #ATinyTask.


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  1. Ron Stewart says

    We have a huge housing shortage in our area, and I didn’t see or hear what kind of money was spent. I’d love to see a tiny house town around here specifically for the poor and senior population. We typically live on less than a grand a month and the lowest rents are often over $400 + utilities. With solar power and compost toilets and a water source we could live so much cheaper with help. Know any angels send them to me please…. RMS

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