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TaskRabbit Kicks Off Dedicated Business Product With Exclusive South By Southwest Web Portal

TaskRabbit SXSW Austin
Today, TaskRabbit is thrilled to launch a web portal that makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to fuel their SXSW experience with Austin-based TaskRabbits. The launch coincides with the new TaskRabbit For Business program, a business-facing product that’s more reliable than online classifieds, less costly than traditional temp agencies, and customizable to exactly what a business needs. [pullshow]

SXSW 2012 saw dozens of the tech and entertainment world’s most innovative companies and brands, including Airbnb, Bravo, and HBOGirls, relying on TaskRabbit for marketing, event, and on-the-ground support in Austin. “It was awesome to see the organic yet massive growth from businesses last year when we’d just barely launched in Austin,” says TaskRabbit’s Head of Business Development, Victor Echevarria. [pullthis]“Now, with a dedicated TaskRabbit for Business offering and a first-of-its-kind SXSW tool, we’re excited for the opportunity to be the local, background-checked staffing force that powers SXSW Interactive in 2013.” [/pullthis]

Building on the existing demand for reliable, trustworthy Austin-based assistance, TaskRabbit’s SXSW portal makes it easy for businesses from anywhere in the world to coordinate their needs for one of the tech community’s biggest events.

Both the SXSW Portal and the TaskRabbit for Business product are optimized for intuitive use by business customers. Here are just a few of the features:

  • Seamless TaskPosting for SXSW Help: The most popular SXSW Tasks, like event help, guest check-in, photography, and supply delivery, can be posted and customized easily from a dedicated portal.
  • Multiple TaskRabbits: Businesses have the option to hire a TaskRabbit team of any size for every Task. Users can choose auto-assignment or browse profiles with ratings and reviews to find the right TaskRabbit for their needs.
  • Improved Dashboard: A streamlined TaskRabbit for Business dashboard lets business users manage multiple open Tasks at the same time.
  • Hourly or Per Task Payment: Customers have secure and flexible payment options to pay by the hour or by the Task. Transaction history and monthly invoicing availability make payment a breeze.

Leading-edge companies like Founders Fund and Lyft are already using TaskRabbit for Business in their SXSW planning. Is your business headed to Austin? Get started by visiting TaskRabbit’s SXSW web portal today.


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